Training For Extreme Events

Training for extreme events

We offer full support for ladies training for extreme events here ITS Leisure Ltd. Our personal trainers are here to assist you in preparing for any events that you are planning to participate in and will be glad to answer any questions that you may have.

Making the most of our facilities

Our ladies only gym has a full range of up to date fitness facilities. So why not book an appointment and get yourself started on your training regime with us today?

Marathons, 10k runs, women's bodybuilding, fitness and figure competitions, women's strong competitions and many more events are our speciality.

We provide a wide selection of fitness classes, including ladies boot camp and Box-A-Cise.
Contact us today to enquire about our full range of classes to select the right classes that aid your preparation for your extreme event.
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Helping you to succeed

We want you to succeed, not just in your extreme event, but in achieving all of your fitness goals.
That's why we are here all day, every day to help you design the right fitness schedule for you and to encourage you all the way to final result!
training for events
To get started on the preparation for your extreme event, please call us on

0117 961 3191
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